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We're more than a tackle & bait shop!
In addition to helping you find Alaska grade fishing and outdoor gear, we offer the following services: MULTIPLE PURCHASING OPTIONS - 10% OFF Military Discount (with Valid ID) - Buy Online, Pick Up In Person - Commercial & Bulk Sales - Bush Orders PRE & POST TRIP PREPARATIONS - Fishing & Hunting Licenses - You Catch It, We Ship It "Our Shop to Your Home" Fish Boxing & Shipping GEARING UP - Line Spooling - Gear Rental Packages TACKLE REPAIR CENTER - Rod Repair - Reel Repair - Net Re-Hang - Net Repair

About Us

WE BELIEVE At B&J Sporting Goods, we're proud of being an Alaskan-owned and operated business and we believe the gear we go out with impacts the catch we come home with. That’s why our team of Alaska fishing experts is passionate about providing meticulously curated “Alaska Proof” fishing gear. Our ultimate goal? Empower people who fish Alaska to catch and harvest the finest our streams, rivers, lakes and seas produce. OUR MISSION Our mission is to elevate the Alaskan fishing experience for all. We offer a wide range of tried and tested fishing tackle, rods, reels, nets, bait, boots, and accessories. All of which are meticulously selected to meet the unique needs of Alaskans and Alaska fishing enthusiasts. OUR HERITAGE With a legacy dating back to the 1950s, we honor our history while forging a new path. B&J Sporting Goods has been owned and operated by Alaskans, Troy & Jody Arnold since 2019. Their purpose is simple: Help people in Alaska fish better by providing them the best gear and equipment in order to do so. THE POWER OF FISHING Fishing is a unique activity that offers both solitude and connection through shared experience. It's a source of calm, stress relief, and contributes to our overall sense of well-being. It reconnects us with nature, fulfills our sense of adventure, tests our endurance, thrills us, and meets an essential need by helping us feed our families. As a fishing state, it connects us to our rich cultural heritage, tethers us to our present and forges our future. Few places on earth offer all of this at once, and there's no better place than Alaska in which to experience the convergence. OUR PROMISE We're more than just a tackle & bait shop. Here at B&J Sporting Goods, we set the stage for dreams to come true, bucket list items to be checked off, new memories to be made, families & communities to come together, triumphs to be celebrated, and tall tales to be woven. We're here to help you fully immerse yourself in the unharnessed beauty and wonder of Alaska through the fishing experience. Begin your Alaskan fishing experience with us by letting us help set you up for success. B&J Sporting Goods Alaska’s Premier Fishing Store

Tackle Repair Center

We firmly believe an angler's reel should be cast ready at all times. And that a well maintained reel contributes significantly to one's overall ability to land a catch. That's why our expert reel repair technicians at our in-house Tackle Repair Center meticulously inspect every reel that comes into our shop. Our goal is to help you keep your reels in optimum "fish ready" condition. At our Tackle Repair Center, we repair and perform routine maintenance on reels of all kinds. Whether you're an individual, a guide or running a charter, we're happy to handle your reel woes so you can focus on the more important things - like planning out where you'll get your next fish on. For more info on our Tackle Repair Center, our prices and/or to get a quote, click the button below.

Gear Rental

We get it, not everyone travels with their gear on them 24/7 and not everyone has enough extra gear in their garage to provide for out of town guests. In these situations, laying out a sizable wad of cash just for a day or two of fun doesn’t make sense. We got you and we have a solution. Our flexible mix-n-match gear packages are designed to help you fill in the gaps. For your convenience, our gear rentals are available at affordable hourly, daily and weekly rates. These are perfect whether you’re fishing locally or heading to a destination further afield. Available on a First Come, First Serve basis, we rent them out of our Anchorage location year round. At our seasonal B&J Tackle Box location in Whittier, gear rental availability is during the summer season only. All our rod & reel rentals come “ready to fish.” Please note: lures, bait, knives and any additional accessories are sold separately. Our rental waders are hip boot style and in Men’s size 6-14. Women, we'll help you size adjust accordingly. For more information, please email or give us a call. To reserve online, click the link below.

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Whether you need geared up to go out, want expert answers to your Alaska fishing questions, have a Tackle Repair Center drop off (or pick up,) or simply say "Hi" and share a good fish tale, we're here to help you elevate your Alaskan fishing game any way we can.
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